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My Certifications

Please find information below on all of my current qualifications

Animas Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Animas specialise in transformative coaching and are recognised across the industry for their pioneering approach to their work. Transformative coaching recognises a client’s cognitive, emotional, sensory, and relational patterns, aiming to enhance their perspective of the world they live in. Breaking down any negative patterns or beliefs the client may have is at the centre of this type of coaching, with a view to uncovering a path to positive change.

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CIPD Level 3 Diploma in Learning & Development Practice

CIPD is recognised across the UK as one of the leading bodies for HR and people development. Naturally, there is a lot of crossover between their qualifications and life or career coaching.

CIPD's qualifications are recognised by employers as a global standard of excellence. Their prestige and expertise, combined with a real-life approach to their courses has ensured they've remained the go-to option for people looking to develop their coaching skills.

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My Brain Practitioner

Becoming a MyBrain Practitioner is important for anyone looking to develop their understanding of neuroscience - an extremely important asset for anyone interested in working with people. Their approach to coaching is centred on understanding their client’s personality, which determines how best to communicate with them.

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Everything DiSC Practitioner

Everything DiSC is a model-based learning experience that measures people’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model. This model identifies four styles - D, i, S, and C - and provides its participants with tailored feedback to strengthen their understanding of their own personality and approach to tasks.

I am qualified to offer this experience to my clients, allowing both of us to understand more about their personality and behavioural traits. This understanding has proved extremely useful throughout my professional career.

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Psychology & Social Anthropology Degree

Brunel University in London provides access to extensive laboratory and technical facilities, educating its students about various equipment and brain tracking facilities. A degree in Psychology offers a chance to explore questions about the human mind and consciousness, with Brunel’s course accredited by The British Psychological Society. The course provides an excellent starting point for students, facilitating the development of specific skills and a variety of practical methods.

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ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching

The ILM’s qualifications are tailored towards coaching, management, and leadership. Developing an understanding of effective coaching methods is absolutely essential for anyone in the coaching or mentoring industry, and the ILM’s Level 3 award allows its participants to do exactly that.

The award provides a host of benefits for individuals:

  • Understanding what it takes to coach effectively
  • Learning a recognised and dependable coaching model, and what it takes to deliver it
  • Understanding the responsibilities of coaching
  • Analysing others' coaching performances to further own understanding

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Client Testimonials

"I hired Laura to coach me because I admired her gift of being assertive and the set of skills Laura has to offer to help me change my mindset. Laura showed me how to connect with my creative skill of delving into my current mindset that wasn't serving me in order to achieve my goal."

Tahmina Khanam

Despatch Warehouse Stock Order Picker

"Working with Laura has been life changing. I first came to Laura for help with feeling stuck, and to work through the things that have been holding me back. Over the course of my sessions I have been able to let go, move forwards and conquer fears I never dreamed I could."

Susie Lovelock

Pilates Teacher

"Working with Laura was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me gain clarity in the area of personal and intimate relationships and encouraged me to find my own answers. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a life coach as her way of probing and supporting me to reach my own conclusions was second to none."

Bryan Roberts

Homecare Personal Assistant

"Laura De Schivanovits is an exceptional coach. I am very privileged to be coached by her. She is fun and engaging and very obviously a person centred. She will always check-in to see if what we’re doing is the best way forward for me; taking a helicopter view to make sure we don't get unnecessarily stuck in the detail."

Richard Lalchan

Clarity Coach and Digital Marketeer

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