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Most frequent questions and answers

Coaching is a collaborative and confidential conversation during which the coach explores what a client needs or wants in their life and empowers them to work towards this.

The coach facilitates the exploration of the coachee’s inner world of beliefs, assumptions, values and helps inspire new ideas. This raised sense of awareness allows the coachee to navigate around obstacles and create greater possibilities.

Consider me your thinking partner. We are often taught what to think. I will create an environment which allows you to question how you think. As a mindset coach I focus on patterns of thinking and your self-dialogue…what it is you say to yourself and how this is impacting you. Is this moving you forward, or getting in your way? I will help you uncover your self-limiting beliefs that may create blocks and unhelpful habits that hold you back. I will take you through worksheets, sharing tools with you along the way, to challenge your thinking and reframe your perception. Through this I will empower you to get out of your own way, take the necessary actions and move forward.


• Future focused

• Action orientated – Goals and action plans are created

• Coach helps client to find their own solutions

• Unlocks potential by inspiring new thinking and behaviour


• The mentor has travelled a similar path to the client before

• Based on the premise that the mentor has the answers

• Shares past experiences and gives advice

• Provides guidance and suggestions


• Can focus on trauma and disorders

• Diagnoses and treats dysfunctionality

• Works through depression or anxiety that affect your ability to function at home or work

• Can often focus on past experiences linked to present circumstances

Solution Focused - When faced with obstacles the coach helps the coachee explore their options, to look outside of their normal pattern of behaviour and get as many ideas in the open as possible; the coach supports the coachee to keep thinking where normally they might stop and try their usual approach.

Motivating - The motivation to convert thinking into action is much higher when the idea has originated from the person themselves. Coaching allows for this as the coach enables the client to find their own answers rather than telling them what to do.

Action - Setting actions at the end of each session and holding the client accountable to this enables the client to really move forward and make the change they have been seeking.

Confidence - The inner world creates the outside world. Working on the inner world of beliefs, values and behavioural patterns allows the coachee to gain a deeper insight about the way they think and show up in the world. Having their self-limiting beliefs challenged and creating new, replacement thinking patterns helps clients to increase their confidence.

Book your free, introductory call where we will determine if coaching is right for you. If we decide to work together then you can choose your coaching package: 8, 12 or 16 sessions.

Sessions are 1 hour long and you can choose weekly, or bi-monthly sessions.

Sessions will be via an online format (during COVID) such as the Zoom platform. Face to face sessions will be available when possible.

Investment: Between £80 - £115 per session, depending on which package you choose.

Two payment options – an upfront (discounted) payment for the package, or the option to spread out the payment via instalments.

To give you peace of mind - If after two sessions you are unsatisfied, you’ll be refunded for the remaining balance on your coaching package.