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Some of the testimonials received from those I've worked with. My gratitude goes out to everyone below for all of the kind words.

Luciana Ramos

Yoga Instructor

Star Rating:

When I started the first coaching session with Laura I was immediately impressed by how organised, professional and competent she is!

In our first session Laura already managed to help me shift my mindset from procrastination and complaining to a positive mindset that mobilised me into actions.

I was trying to get back into self-employed work after maternity leave and find a happy balance between work, being a mum and family life... I was struggling as being self-employed I have no-one to report to and make me accountable for the work so I procrastinate a lot, felt sorry for myself and was unhappy with my circumstances.

In our sessions Laura help me with self-enquiry, we looked at my behaviours, the stories I was telling myself and how I could turn everything around and I did! I came out of session feeling inspired, positive and ready to move forwards with my work action plan without compromising family time.

It has been a couple months now since the coaching took place and I have to say I am very happy with how I managed to move forwards in finding the balance I was craving; in finding time to attend to my work and family.

From the get going Laura helped me clear my mind, creating awareness, self-confidence and a sense of direction. That mental shift has changed everything! My time is now well spent (no longer procrastinating and stuck), I have managed to build up my workload and generate more income as well as enjoy my family time. I cannot believe how much value Laura coaching brought to my life!

Whatever problem you have if you are feeling stuck, inspired and lacking motivation… I highly recommend having Laura as your coach! You won’t look back!

Richard Lalchan

Clarity Coach and Digital Marketeer

Star Rating:

Laura De Schivanovits is an exceptional coach. I am very privileged to be coached by her. She is fun and engaging and very obviously a person centred. She will always check-in to see if what we’re doing is the best way forward for me; taking a helicopter view to make sure we don't get unnecessarily stuck in the detail. She’s responsive in that she'll pick up on my mood or lack of energy and change things accordingly.

Laura won’t just go through a programme for the sake of it. She specifically responds to what’s happening with me. I really appreciate this way of working. She truly listens, clarifies what I say, then challenges my thinking. Her ability to spot recurring pattens in what I say is bordering on scary! It’s not always pleasant at the time…but it’s so what’s needed to move me forwards. As someone who is working on my own for most of the time, knowing I have this level of accountability is priceless.

Another thing I must mention is Laura’s depth of knowledge and insight into numerous coaching and personal development tools. This means she is able to read a situation and pull out the most appropriate tool for it. The care and time she puts into developing her own versions of these tools show’s true dedication to the cause.

Since working with Laura, I have clarified issues that were stopping me from moving forwards; had my eyes opened to specific negative patterns of thinking and we’ve built in ways–especially through her weekly accountability–to help me avoid resorting back to past habits. I still have a long way to go. Naturally, this is a life long process, but to know I have this level of support is truly empowering.

Lastly, Laura’s personality really shines through each session. She has a healthy balance of humour and directness. It’s so easy to see and feel the depth of care she has to want the best for me. Her drive and work she puts in, on my behalf is very humbling. If you get a chance to work with Laura, take it, for Laura De Schivanovits is an exceptional coach.

Muriel Gutu

Mental Health Nurse

Star Rating:

When I met Laura, I was stuck in my business development. Limiting beliefs clouded my progression. Laura’s coaching style - asking probing questions enabled me to dig deeper and rekindle my self belief. I now ask myself how else can I solve the problem instead of giving up when I reach a brick wall.

At the start of my journey I was I was looking to set up my business as a coach since I have coaching experience. I had been thinking of the idea for a long time but failed to start due to procrastination and poor time management.

Laura’s coaching enabled me increase my confidence in setting up my own business, improve time management, creating a support belief system, clarifying my niche and setting goals for my business. In addition Laura also supported me with setting up my website and writing a professional profile.

Laura is smart and witty. Her coaching style is very enabling. She stretches you to think outside the box. If you are stuck and looking for meaningful change, I highly recommend you go with Laura.

Tahmina Khanam

Despatch Warehouse Stock Order Picker

Star Rating:

I hired Laura to coach me because I admired her gift of being assertive and the set of skills Laura has to offer to help me change my mindset. Laura showed me how to connect with my creative skill of delving into my current mindset that wasn't serving me in order to achieve my goal.

The best thing that Laura teaches was that I could empower myself to change my mindset by developing my own tools to change my mindset and to keep going until I reach my goals. This encouraged me to be committed and driven to stay on track throughout the 8 sessions.

I would highly recommend Laura to any client who has commitment and is willing to learn about themselves and find out what isn't and what can work for them to achieve their goals.

Laura's approach to her clients is with understanding, empathy but most importantly constructive solutions to keep the client on track and focused to achieve the change in mindset. Thank you, Laura. The best coaching, I have chosen.

I would highly recommend Laura to any client


Star Rating:

Excellent coach with unique Communication Skills: Laura is an excellent coach. I tried other coach's before, but Laura is on a different level. She has amazing communication skills with lots of experience and lots of material that she uses so precisely. The thing that makes her different from others though is that she is very practical and focus on actual changes in your life. Two years already and continuing, highly recommended.

Dilesh Bhogaita

Star Rating:

I bumped into Laura and could see that she was really happy. I asked her why she had such a big smile on her face and she said it was because she had just come out of a coaching session with a client and she was really happy that he was starting to remove his obstacles and progress towards his goal. I have not experienced Laura’s coaching sessions, as I do not feel I need a coach at this point in my life, but I can see that Laura really cares about what she does and genuinely has her client’s interest at heart. It is nice to see someone in their profession motivated by passion and genuine care for their client.

Susie Lovelock

Pilates Teacher

Star Rating:

Working with Laura has been life changing. I first came to Laura for help with feeling stuck, and to work through the things that have been holding me back.

From our first consultation, I knew Laura would be the right coach for me. She made me feel at ease so I could work on the deeper layers. I have had many revelations along my journey with Laura, that I would never have had by myself.

Over the course of my sessions I have been able to let go, move forwards and conquer fears I never dreamed I could.

Laura has given me tools for life, and I am confident I will continue to grow. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Joyce Alexandra

Independent Business Owner - Property Services

Star Rating:

At the beginning of my coaching journey I was looking to set up as a coach. I have looked at several different areas such as values and beliefs during coaching which has helped me to progress to a place where I am now confident to set up my new business.

Also, working with Laura has kept me on track and helped me make the transition.
Laura is a very good coach and is very professional.

Bryan Roberts

Homecare Personal Assistant

Star Rating:

Working with Laura was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me gain clarity in the area of personal and intimate relationships and encouraged me to find my own answers.

She did this through carefully orchestrated questions which prompted me to reach my own conclusions, and also skilfully extracted the answers which already lay within me, but which I was somewhat unaware of. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a life coach as her way of probing and supporting me to reach my own conclusions was second to none.

Adina Pascal

UX/UI Designer and Content Strategist

Star Rating:

I highly recommend Laura for mindset coaching!

Very soon after beginning my coaching journey with Laura, I realised that I had been spending too much time focusing on work, which was hindering my progress in other areas of my life.

At the time I didn’t believe it was possible for me to have a successful career whilst also pursuing other interests.

Through exercises, discussion and weekly actions with Laura, I was able to challenge this belief that was holding me back.

As a result, I have finally started driving lessons, been on holiday and more whilst also improving my confidence to pitch for new clients.

Daniela Colognesi

Pilates Instructor

Star Rating:

During my sessions with Laura we have focused on my mindset around setting up my pilates practice, minimising my self-doubt, increasing my confidence to move from thought into action, challenging my negative beliefs and replacing them with ones that serve me better.

We also focused on identifying my strengths and areas of development, using visualisation techniques to gain clarity on where I want to be in my business and also, identifying triggers of fear and stagnation, setting specific goals and milestones for my studies.

Laura’s careful questioning and challenging, combined with listening skills, teased out the important issues and then together we formed an action plan that really helped me moving forward with my business and improved my organisation skills as well as strengthening my self-esteem.

Billi Bartley

Independent Social Work Consultant

Star Rating:

I received 3 months Coaching from Laura. It was one of the best 'self-learning' experiences, I've had. Her Coaching knowledge, her skills and abilities all supported me to actively navigate professional and personal dilemmas - week by week.

Laura's frankness, her ability to challenge and to hold me to account for the work I was doing - for myself - was wholly beneficial. Working with her has enabled me to interrupt negative patterns and to positively embrace fear and doubt - a work in progress!

Most importantly, the reflections Laura shared have left an internal legacy of self-challenge, self-worth and acceptance that I can control being my best self. Thank You

Rhiannon Harfoot

DBA at Aviva

Star Rating:

Laura provided me with coaching support as I returned to work after my 2nd maternity leave. It was great working with her - she approached challenging me in an innovative way

Anali Mohayaee

Property Investment Specialist

Star Rating:

I never knew about life coaching before I met Laura. I thought it’s similar to psychologist where there will be a lot of digging into the past and negativity, but it’s the complete opposite and that is the reason I decided to give it a try.

Before life coaching, I done 6 sessions with a psychologist and 11 months on antidepressant.

I am so glad that I trusted Laura and began these sessions. I began with 6 sessions, but I had to carry on as it was helping me so much with my day to day life. Before my sessions with Laura I used to overthink every situation (even going shopping), have anxiety on doing tasks by myself and I felt very down and negative. However, after just the second session I began to see tasks more positively and stressing less.

Now after 12 sessions I do not have problem doing tasks on my own AT ALL!! I don’t overthink situations and my anxiety has calmed down so much more!! If someone told me a year ago I wouldn’t have anxiety over small things I’d never believe that it was possible for me.

My last session was back in July but even so all of the positive results of the sessions have stayed with me and have helped me overcome so many small issues I used to have.

I’d highly recommend Laura as she really cares and gets happy for your accomplishments.

Antonio Costato

Life Coach

Star Rating:

Hi, my names is Antonio, I am a trained life coach, soon after my training I felt the need to get guidance at the beginning of my life coaching journey. I had some blocks, limiting beliefs. I wasn’t able to move forward.

Then I met Laura and her coaching style and support allowed me to overcome those blocks , I created a new belief system and I am getting the confidence that I need in setting goals and make actions.

I highly recommend Laura - she is present, listens and is supportive.

Thank you

Joanna Wilczynska

L&D Manager at The Welcome People

Star Rating:

Laura has a sharp, inquisitive mind that will question your status quo and help you find solutions where there was no positive way out to begin with.

She has an incredible clarity of mind and a coaching intuition which cannot be trained. I’ve enjoyed working with her and hope our professional paths will cross again.


Star Rating:

I worked with Laura to help me get clear on my business goals. Not only is she calm & professional, she is also clearly interested in her work and clients progress. The best thing is her strong observational skills. Laura can draw out subtle thinking patterns and suggest fixes that keep you moving forward. In particular this helped me develop a more accurate perspective, which in turn helped me to complete some publishing tasks that I had been putting off.

A great investment.


Star Rating:

I was introduced to Laura through another friend who had had coaching from her and it was perfectly timely, as I had been looking for a life coach and it was at a time where I was really feeling stuck.

Laura helped me work through a number of different areas that I was dealing with to get a clearer direction and to get my motivation back up. She has been a pleasure to speak to and very supportive and giving with her ideas, tools and techniques.

After 6 sessions I have learnt a great deal and feel there is plenty more I can learn further from her. I am looking forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you get some clarity around your goals, values, beliefs or anything else you are dealing with in life!

Her first introductory chat session lets you discuss what you are looking for and Laura explains what she can do to help for you to make a decision on whether this would work for you!

Good luck! And thanks Laura!

Steve Dibben

DBA at Aviva

Star Rating:

During our weekly hour-long sessions, Laura would make me rethink the obstructive thought patterns that I'd developed over years of negative thinking.

This made a tangible difference to my behaviour in my daily life. I would recommend Laura as a life coach to anyone looking for one.

Preet Shah

Property Investment Specialist

Star Rating:

After being self-employed for 3 years I found my motivational standards were slowly slipping. Spending less time on goal setting and more importantly on reviewing and checking-in with myself, my mind was distracted with small minuscule tasks which were taking longer than they needed and this was affecting the output of my business, but more importantly the quality of my life.

Laura helped create a structure by identifying my values and scheduling my week in accordance to my tasks. She helped me solve each dilemma, improving my lifestyle and allowing me to spend more time on the growth of my business by finding a way to complete the small tasks in an efficient manner.

Goal setting was always big on the agenda for me and in the short time I worked with Laura we set some very ambitious goals which we are all on target of hitting by the end of the year and have also added a couple of new goals to work on over the course of 2020.

One of my goals was the reconstruction of my ACL (knee operation) which I had been procrastinating on for 3 years. Laura pushed me through the mental blocks and worked on my mindset around it (thinking about all potential scenarios to have a balanced perspective) and then I took action and am now on the road to recovery.

Laura makes you feel comfortable and allows you to express yourself. She has plenty of aids, depending on the subject you are talking about, which allows you to take facts away on paper and let you soak in the information until the next session. She will hold you accountable for any tasks you set between sessions and checks in on you regularly to see how you are managing them.

Overall, I would recommend Laura as a coach based on the above. She is committed, competent and works with you, helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

Awni Nidinuse

Star Rating:

Life coaching with Laura completely changed my life!

I was always afraid of going somewhere new or trying something different as I’d over think it so much prior to the event, that it would stop me from even trying it. Something as simple as going to the gym, I would over think what to do, how to speak to the receptionist, where to park my car, and many more.

Laura made me aware of the reasonings behind some of my actions and how to stop the overthinking.

Originally I just wanted to be able to go to the gym but my sessions with Laura helped me on issues which were much deeper.

After my sessions I recommended my brother and a friend to also do sessions with Laura. Their sessions also had a huge positive impact on their lives. I would highly recommend session with Laura as she is caring, understanding and helpful!!

Thank you so much Laura!!

Alessia Gatti

Programme Manager Strategic Initiatives at Clifford Chance

Star Rating:

Laura's presentation at the Camden Women's Business Club in February made the event really special. The discussion about limiting beliefs with real examples from her coaching experience got the group very engaged.

Laura touched on a number of topics that demonstrated her solid background as a qualified Mindset Coach. Laura's passion for this profession is absolutely contagious and she definitely had me walking home after the event trying to process that eureka moment about my own limiting believes.

Although I heard examples of how we tend to chain ourselves to past experiences and thoughts,

Laura really has the ability to make you search and question those 'huge invisible walls' in way that I have not experienced before I truly enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the event and I'm looking forward to Laura's next talk.

Lara Doherty

The Motivation Clinic Founder | Workshop Leader | Motivator

Star Rating:

I had six very good Life coaching sessions with Laura in November/December 2017. Laura enabled me to realise what was holding me back and I took a massive step forward in my life and overcame really really big obstacles and limiting beliefs and I faced my biggest fear which was public speaking.

I had six sessions with her November/December 2017 and then in February I actually held my first workshop thanks to Laura and I would just like to thank Laura so much for showing me how to overcome those stupid, ridiculous limiting beliefs I had.

Thanks so much Laura.

Leandro Bianchini

Category Executive at Grupo Bimbo UK

Star Rating:

Laura has a very flexible way of working and her methods deliver. She is great at making people feel comfortable and is very knowledgeable. The exercises designed and proposed by Laura allowed me to clarify my goals and what I was really looking for. From there she helped me to break them down into small actions, identify what I needed to improve and find the best way to reach my goals. Thanks to these sessions I was able to get out of my comfort zone and explore new ways of working. By the time we finished working together, I had a new job!

Lily Sparkes


Star Rating:

I started my coaching sessions in July and had a total of 6 sessions. I would highly recommend her because she has really helped me to become a more confident and positive person.

Before I started sessions with Laura, I was extremely negative, anxious and had no self-belief. Now that I have completed the sessions, I have much more belief in myself and have little to no negative thoughts and even my anxiety has improved.

Laura is also very easy to talk to and makes you feel like you can speak to her about anything you are worried about without any judgment. This was very useful for me as I found it difficult to speak to my family or friends about my concerns or thoughts, so Laura helped me share my thoughts about everything.

So now I am much better and confident in myself so would highly recommend Laura.