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Empowering you to conquer your inner critic, build your self-belief and create your ideal work life.

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My Why

I believe people are a lot more capable than they think they are, but they need to get out of their own way to see it.

My How

I use tools, models and questioning techniques to help people identify their obstacles and push past them.

My What

I empower people to challenge their inner critic, build their self-belief and take action towards the working life they want.

My Journey

Having completed a Psychology and Social Anthropology Degree, I left university unsure about my next step and ended up taking on an unrelated role dealing with….foreign VAT!

Although I enjoyed aspects of the role, deep down I knew it was not for me. I took a step back and made an effort to find out about my likes, dislikes and motivations all with the aim of ensuring the next step was the right one.

After A LOT of research, networking events and weekend seminars I decided upon the field of Learning and Development (L&D) which involves training and coaching people. After a number of years of working in L&D, in different corporate companies, I started to feel dissatisfied. Although I loved L&D as an area, what I didn’t like was the lack of variety. The repetitive nature of having to go into the office five days a week for the rest of my life was daunting. This thought kept cropping up, but the security, comfort and a sense of familiarity kept pushing it back down.

My journey continued...

Then in 2018 we had a very serious and tragic event take place within the family. At the same time, rather unexpectedly, I was made redundant at work. It was at this point that I decided to use my qualifications to set up my own coaching business.

This did not come without my own mindset challenges. I had never set up my own business before and had doubts whether I could do it and thought…“people won’t be interested in signing up for coaching packages with me” and “I only know the corporate world - that’s where I should remain - I am not creative and don’t know anything about setting up a business”

I heard what I was saying to myself and realised that I needed to think differently if I was going to move forward. I challenged my thoughts and limiting beliefs and realised that ultimately, I did have some transferable skills which I could use and for the rest of it….well….I had two key things: the ability and desire to learn.

I decided to go for it.

My journey continued...

It was the best decision I ever made.

It allowed me to have the variety and sense of freedom in my life that I was seeking. It increased my confidence and self-belief which, in turn, allowed me to take on new challenges such as run my own events, agree to a radio interview and work for myself in other capacities.

Most of all it helped me understand the importance of mindset.

That’s not to say that I have it all figured out and no longer experience any mindset challenges, because that’s not the case - I do get mired in fear and self-doubt and do feel frustrated at times, just like others. This only intensifies my desire to understand the topic of mindset, using the tools and models to get out of my own way and to help others do the same. I absolutely LOVE helping others to work through their own mindset challenges, to build their own self-beliefs and take action towards a life they have created.

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My Qualifications

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Client Testimonials

"I hired Laura to coach me because I admired her gift of being assertive and the set of skills Laura has to offer to help me change my mindset. Laura showed me how to connect with my creative skill of delving into my current mindset that wasn't serving me in order to achieve my goal."

Tahmina Khanam

Despatch Warehouse Stock Order Picker

"Working with Laura has been life changing. I first came to Laura for help with feeling stuck, and to work through the things that have been holding me back. Over the course of my sessions I have been able to let go, move forwards and conquer fears I never dreamed I could."

Susie Lovelock

Pilates Teacher

"Working with Laura was like a breath of fresh air. She helped me gain clarity in the area of personal and intimate relationships and encouraged me to find my own answers. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a life coach as her way of probing and supporting me to reach my own conclusions was second to none."

Bryan Roberts

Homecare Personal Assistant

"Laura De Schivanovits is an exceptional coach. I am very privileged to be coached by her. She is fun and engaging and very obviously a person centred. She will always check-in to see if what we’re doing is the best way forward for me; taking a helicopter view to make sure we don't get unnecessarily stuck in the detail."

Richard Lalchan

Clarity Coach and Digital Marketeer

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