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Mindset, Confidence, and Motivation: Career Coaching

Empowering you to challenge your inner critic,
build your self-belief and create your ideal
work life.

Together, our focus will be to:
Identify Your Ideal Work Life
Challenge Your Inner Critic
Build Your Self-Confidence
Overcome Your Self-Doubt
Increase Your Motivation
Create a Structured Action Plan
Help You Take Action Towards Your Goal

What Do You Want from your Working Life?

You’ve probably thought about this at different points in your life. Everyone has plans, ambitions, and dreams when it comes to their career, but unfortunately some people end up falling short and stay stuck in an unsatisfying career for many years. If you’re feeling stuck and are looking for a new direction in life or are dreaming of that breakthrough in a career change, or are wanting to break away from the 9-5 working week and set up your own business, then you’ve come to the right place. Having worked with many different people in my role as a career coach, I understand the pain and sense of frustration that comes from feeling stuck in a repetitive, unfulfilling work pattern that seemingly has no end in sight. Life is too short to feel like that!

Work with Me as your Career Coach

My goal is to help you to create the working life you actually want. Whether you’re looking to change your job, change the direction of your career, or even set up your own business, I will support you throughout your journey. My tailored approach to career coaching means that you can identify your barriers, push past boundaries, and create your ideal work life. By tailoring everything to your goals, working on your confidence/motivation, and outlining a clear action plan we will work together to further your career. I operate throughout London, including areas such as Brent and Liverpool Street, and have worked with clients based in the Greater London area and outside of the UK. With a great deal of flexibility regarding how I work, ranging from face-to-face meetings for more local clients in and around the Brent area, to online zoom meetings, for those further afield, I am certain we can find an approach which works for you.

What's included in your career coaching packages?

Gain Clarity on What You Want
Our sessions will provide you with the time to focus on yourself and to discover what you want from your working life. The safe, confidential and non-judgmental space will allow you to open up and explore your fears, insecurities and areas of your personality which may not be so easy to share with those who you know.
Create a Structured Action Plan
We will outline what you want from your work life and put a plan in place for you to work towards it. Maybe it is progressing in your career, applying for a new job, perhaps it is setting up your own business or growing an existing one. Whatever it may be, we will outline your goals, milestones and set clear actions to provide you with a roadmap.
Take Action and Build Momentum
Clear, bitesize weekly actions will get you into motion. I will partner with you and help hold you accountable to these actions by checking in and supporting you through this process. There may be moments when you won’t want to do it… but you aren’t alone anymore. We will explore what is happening during our sessions, helping you to identify your barriers and push past them.
Grow in Your Confidence
Along the way, your inner critic might start to surface telling you that you aren’t good enough or it won’t work out. Rather than letting these thoughts take over, we will challenge your internal critic together and explore your options. I will share tools and models with you to help you navigate around your mindset obstacles to push past the self-doubt into action.

How It Works

How do I get started?

Book your free, introductory call where we will determine if coaching is right for you. If we decide to work together then you can choose your coaching package: 8, 12 or 16 sessions.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 1 hour long and you can choose weekly, or bi-monthly sessions.

Session Delivery

Sessions range from face-to-face meetings for more local clients, in and around the area of Brent, to online sessions via Zoom for customers further afield or abroad.

How much does coaching cost?

Investment: Between £80 - £115 per session, depending on which package you choose.

Is there a payment plan available?

Two payment options – an upfront (discounted) payment for the package, or the option to spread out the payment via instalments.

What if I want my money back?

To give you peace of mind - If after two sessions you are unsatisfied, you’ll be refunded for the remaining balance on your coaching package.

Getting Started

Don't give in to your inner critic and let time pass you by. Consider where you will be in a year from now if things remain the same. Take action to create the life you want. If this sounds right for you and you'd like to know more about my career coaching service, just follow the steps below to get in touch.

Live a life you love

If this sounds right for you and you’d like to know more about mindset and career coaching, just follow the steps below to get in touch:

1. Book a free call

During this 30-45 minute call, we’ll determine where you are in life, where
you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

2. Unlock your potential

Start your tailored coaching Programme made to help you challenge your
inner critic, increase your confidence and take action towards
creating your ideal work life.

3. Live a life that you love

Wake up excited every day knowing that you are doing what you love.
You’ll feel a new sense of confidence and fulfillment creating your ideal
working life.

Free Resource: 5 Steps to Breaking Your Limiting Beliefs

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